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Too Good To Auction Hedge End

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Hampshire, Hedge End SO302RA, UK

Too Good To Auction Hedge End Used car dealership


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Brook Fabian

Mar 25, 2012
Do not buy a car from this dealer. I bought a Deisel VW Polo from them in January of last year and since then I have had a number of problems with it, some wear and tear some down to sheer neglegence. Most notable was that when I picked the car up I was told that there was a minor oil leak from the rocker cover but that this had been fixed by their mechanics. I have just paid £150 to have the rocker cover completely replaced because of another oil leak that has developed as a result of someone drilling a bolt into the old rocker cover and attaching a cable tie around the filler cap collar to secure it rather than replacing it. I am guessing that this was the 'reapair' that they made to the rocker cover when I bought the car. The car was also massively over filled with oil when I collected it and I had to have it drained and refilled to the correct level buy my local garage. I then found that there was some play in the steering and asked my local garage to investigate. They found that a critical UJ from the steering column was completely missing! This meant that in an emergency the steering could have failed. I also had to replace the water pump within the 3 month warranty of the car. Although after a number of phone calls and emails they agreed to pay for the oil refill and UJ their complete lack of customer service meant that I eventually gave up and paid for the water pump myself. Apart from the terrible customer service I am completely shocked by the quality of care and reapir of this vehicle by a supposedly repuatable dealership. The mechanic at my local garage could not believe that the rocker cover had been bodged in such a way by a trade dealership.