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Glenfern Farm, Carsons Road, Bristol BS169LP, UK

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Norval Kruger

May 4, 2016
Bought a 54 - Plate Corsa from dealer in Dec. '15. Immediately took vehicle for a full service when I was informed that the rear left tyre was badly damaged and had to be replace. Contacted the dealer and still waiting for a response. Within 3 months developed overheating issues. Dealer came to fetch the vehicle and brought it back 2 days later saying that they had repaired a water leak. Two weeks later the same issue arose. Sent vehicle to third party repair center who diagnosed a warped cylinder head. Cost to repair £848. Contact Dealer who informs me that the engine warranty does not cover the cylinder head and gasket. The so-called repairs they have done was just an eye blind as the third party repairer claims that there was no evidence of any repairs to a water leak.

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