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David Beckhams Magnificent Car Collection

Super rich football players have extravagant car collections and David Beckham is no exception

Super rich football players have extravagant car collections and David Beckham is no exception. Over the years David Beckham has accumulated the likes of Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

When David Beckham started his glittering career in Manchester he drove a BMW M3 but he soon moved on to bigger and better as his career took off. In 2001 Beckham could be seen out and about in Manchester in his custom built Ferrari 360 Spider he later moved onto a Ferrari F430 and then a Ferrari 550. David Beckham’s latest Ferrari purchase was the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Going from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and with a top speed of 199mph, the Maranello is in the premier league of cars and stars.

When David was awarded an OBE in 2003 he arrived at Buckingham Palace in a Bentley Arnage T, this Bentley was customized and included many expensive extras including an Alpine stereo system with sub-woofers and leather child seats embroidered with his sons name Brooklyn. The Bentley Arnage T has a top speed of 175mph and is powered by a 6.75 V8 engine. In 2006 David Beckham bought his first Lamborghini, settling for a £120,000 Lamborghini Gallardo. The Italian supercar has a top speed of 192mph and hits 60mph in just 4.2 seconds. The Gallardo is powered by a 5-liter engine producing 500bhp.

The Aston Martin V8 and an Aston Martin DB7 were also added to the collection. The DB7 had the added touch of a personalised number plate marked ‘DB7’, both referring to the car itself and the owner’s initials and shirt number. Since moving to the states a Lincoln Navigator has been purchased which is a favourite in the US with the stars.

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