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Government must do more to improve EV infrastructure

By Tom Gibson | January 3, 2023


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Almost half of the UK’s charging points are in London and the South East

Government must do more to improve EV infrastructure

After pictures emerged over the weekend of huge queues for EV charging points in Cumbria, Westmorland and Telford, pressure is mounting on the Government to quickly roll out more charge points in areas that need them.

A new study, Getting To The Point: Accelerating EV Charge Point Rollout Through Geospatial Data, found there was a 'geographical disparity' in the UK's charger network, with more than 30 per cent of charge points in Greater London. 

Ministers earlier this year announced plans to create 300,000 public EV charging points by 2030, which is when the ban on the sale of new cars powered only by petrol or diesel comes into force, but the report said the location of each charging point was just as important as boasting about the number of them that are being installed.

According to Zap Map, there are currently 6,712 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices across the UK catering for the 420,000 plus electric cars on our roads.

Regit has long been campaigning for better infrastructure with those who don’t have access to off-street parking as well as those in areas of Northern England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland often an afterthought when it comes to installing charge points.

As a result of these significant gaps in the EV network transitioning to electric is simply unrealistic for many. In our own latest research, 80% of Regit users said the 2030 cut off date should be pushed back.

In reaction to the weekend’s queues, members of a Facebook group called 'Tesla Owners Club UK' expressed their frustration…

One said: 'Someone taking the mick at Tebay? Been here over an hour. Still 15 in front of me in the queue for a charger. Easily another 2 hours to wait - minimum.'

A second added: 'We need more superchargers. I love Tesla, but this country is not up to standards if they want total electricity!' 

A third said: 'New Tesla owner and I’m super disappointed with the charging lark. Nobody told me that a winter charge would barely achieve half the performance.

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