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Sunak claims his family car is an old VW Golf. Is he telling the truth?

By Tom Gibson | March 29, 2022


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We take a look at the Chancellor’s garage

Sunak claims his family car is an old VW Golf. Is he telling the truth?

We try not to get too political here at Regit and ultimately, whether it’s criticising Labour’s Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham for their disregard for motorists in London and Greater Manchester, or having a pop at the Conservative’s Rishi Sunak for his own feeble attempt at easing our pain at the pumps, we’ll always just stick up for motorists across the UK.

But, following last week’s spring budget and Sunak’s own poorly advised (we’re being polite) attempt at a cheap photo stunt filling up ‘his’ Kia Rio at Sainsbury’s, there’s simply been too many political stories for us to ignore as an automotive publication.

The latest of which is Sunak claiming his car is an old VW Golf.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the VW Golf. It’s arguably the best hatchback any brand has ever produced – quite the acclaim. But does someone whose wife has a net worth of over £350m with Sunak himself easily pulling in 6 figures annually, and probably 7, drive one? Fair play if he does, but reports have actually painted a rather different picture.

The Mirror is reporting that Sunak actually owns four cars with a high-spec Range Rover his vehicle of choice. ‘High-spec’ in itself can be a little vague but that could be £140,000 worth of car.

They also claimed he owns two further vehicles – a top-of-the-range Lexus and a BMW – which are kept at his luxury Santa Monica pad in California.

Sunak faced a Treasury Select Committee over his mini-Budget and during which, Siobhan McDonagh had asked whether his family had a Rio, to which he replied: “We have a Golf”.

The Labour MP then asked if he regularly filled up other people’s cars. “Actually was an employee at Sainsbury’s,” Mr Sunak said.

“I’m very grateful to Sainsbury’s for passing on the fuel duty cut very quickly because people’s petrol bills are rising.”

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