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BMW iX2 (2023 - )

BMW has launched its iX2 alongside the latest X2 and it brings full electrification to the model for the first time

Starting price:

Why we love it:
  • Sharp handling and okay-ish driving range
  • Beautifully modern interior and packed with tech
  • Spacious cabin and impressive boot capacity
Where it could be better:
  • Some rivals offer superior driving range
  • The exterior design will divide opinion with its unusual coupe SUV styling
  • Ride can be on the firm side
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BMW has launched its all-new iX2 model which is basically the X2 but with a fully electrified powertrain and a driving range of up to 283 miles.
There are two models called eDrive20 or xDrive30, the latter of which brings all-wheel drive to the mix and both versions are fully loaded with every creature comfort you could possibly wish for.
Powering the iX2, whichever version you choose, is a 64.8kWh battery with either one or two electric motors for front or all-wheel drive. In addition, to make life simple, the iX2 is only available in one single trim level called M Sport.
We opted for the top-of-the-range iX2 xDrive30 M Sport for our test drive.


So, addressing the elephant in the room and that in-your-face front grille along with an unusual coupe-like rear end – it will have the Marmite effect, you’ll either love or hate it with very few onlookers sitting on the fence. 
The iX2 has a chunky body design with a sloping roof that adds to its dynamic appearance, and our test car featured 10-inch V-spoke alloy wheels that added a further £700 to the asking price but looked amazing.
In addition, an M Sport Pro package, costing £1,710, added M Sport brakes with red calipers, M Sport seat belts and spoiler and some other design features. 
Moving inside, the similarities to its X2 sibling are soon apparent with a first-class cabin packed with technology. Standard features include full smartphone connectivity, heated front seats, DAB radio, sat nav and, for an extra £660, the test car boasted a pitch perfect Harman Kardon surround sound audio system.
The car features the latest BMW Operating System 9 technology which means less touches of the 10.7-inch screen are necessary to navigate the on-board features, which include over-the-air maps and live traffic information, along with video streaming and gaming apps. But you do lose the popular iDrive rotary controller, which some BMW fans will really miss.
The infotainment screen merges seamlessly into the driver display screen in one stunning curved widescreen display, and the TFT is where all the important figures such as speed, battery charge and existing range are clearly viewed.
Rather than traditional drive modes, the car features settings that change the entire ambience of the car with the likes of Personal, Sport, Efficient, Expressive, Relax and Digital Art modes to choose from.

On The Road


Handling & Performance

Powering the BMW iX2 xDrive30 is a 64.8kWh battery with two electric motors – one on each axle – for all wheel drive. With 308bhp and 494Nm of torque, it can complete the 0-62mph dash in just 5.6 seconds and maxes out at 112mph with a driving range between charges of 267 miles. This is slightly less than the front wheel drive eDrive20 version that can achieve a combined 283 miles on a single charge.

When it comes to handling, the iX2 is a dream to drive on twisting country lanes with confident grip and little sign of body sway. The instant torque makes light work of overtaking slower moving vehicles and this is a car that will eat up motorway miles for fun. 

Despite the My Modes being a little over-the-top with the screens transforming as you flick through the choices, Sport mode thankfully is still the most rewarding along with Expressive which adds some artificial engine sounds.

In addition, you can adjust the levels of regenerative braking. This is particularly useful in busy town centres where more braking is required, as you can harvest the energy that would otherwise be lost and boost the battery levels in the process.

The steering is nicely weighted with good driver feedback, but the ride does feel quite firm, so expect to feel the full force of any unexpected potholes.


Space & Practicality

The BMW iX2 is a full-sized, five-door SUV that boasts a commanding road presence stretching 4,554mm in length, 2,104mm across (including the wing mirrors) and 1,560mm in height.

A couple of six-foot-plus adults will fit comfortably up front with ample leg, head and shoulder space. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of space in the back too with room for additional six-foot tall passengers behind the front seats. The middle seat is narrower, but would still ideal for a teenager or adult over shorter journeys.

The boot is accessed via a powered tailgate and can swallow 510 litres of luggage, increasing to 1,420 litres with the split-folding rear seats dropped flat. The petrol variant has slightly larger storage limits at 560 and 1,470 litres, but the square boot shape, along with a low loading lip makes carrying heavy or awkwardly-shaped items that much easier. There is space under the boot floor to store cables, but unlike some rivals, there is no extra storage space beneath the bonnet.

However, there are a number of practical storage options throughout the cabin, including a large storage area beneath the floating central console, a deep central cubby bin, wide door pockets, a glovebox, front and rear cup holders, charge ports and some trays.

From a practicality viewpoint, it takes 29 minutes to charge the iX2’s battery from 10 to 80 per cent via a 130kW fast charger, or approximately 6 hours, 30 minutes from an 11kW home wallbox where it will prove much cheaper if you can spare the time.



Running Costs

The BMW iX2 is priced from £51,615 for the entry-level eDrive20 M Sport version and increases to £57,445 for the xDrive30 M Sport, as tested.

Our car also featured a number of optional extras which saw the final cost creep up to £64,675. These included the upgraded Harmon Kardon sound system, along with several cosmetic enhancements, but the standard car would certainly be generously equipped without needing to splash out further.

There are still a number of financial rewards for going down the electrified route with its zero carbon emissions. For example, owners will be exempt from any Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) costs or Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone fees. And for fleet drivers lucky enough to secure the iX2 as a business car, it has a very attractive Benefit in Kind tax savings rate of two per cent.

At present EV owners are not penalised for purchasing a car costing in excess of £40k, unlike those powered by traditional petrol or diesel engines, but it is worth noting that the government has made it clear that many of these incentives are being reduced or axed completely from next year.

And with energy tariffs varying between suppliers, it is worth looking around for a provider that offers cheaper rates to charge the car overnight from a home wallbox. That way, day-to-day running costs can be kept at a very reasonable level.



BMW has launched its iX2 alongside the latest X2 and it brings full electrification to the model for the first time. With just two models (one with front-wheel drive and the other with all-wheel drive) and one trim level called M Sport, the choice for customers is quite simple.

The pricing has been kept fairly competitive and you do get a generously equipped vehicle without the need to add any extras. The range is decent and the driving experience certainly impresses, apart from the slightly firm ride.

However, there are so many rivals out there these days and, at the end of the day, buyers may simply be swayed into making a decision according to brand preference.

Secure your test drive today
Request a BMW Ix2 test drive
By Maxine Ashford
Jun 13, 2024

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