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Jun 7, 2021
i asked for a refund under the consumer rights act 2015 but he threatened that i would have a dead van on the drive for 7 months as he wouldnt fix it if i went down the route of a refund and thats how long it would take for me to take him to court. So he bullied me into keeping it He has intimidated me and made me anxious and worried sam samantha chris and now a mr moore are probably the same man all i wanted was for them to do the right thing and refund me for faulty goods, if they were such a good company he could have refunded me and sold it by now selling 40 vans a month. i had to replace alternator £600 and broke down again dpf filter clean £600 and have recipts to prove and an ip adresse from the sent location of them adding me to suicide phonlines 21ST MAY 2021 BROKE DOWN AGAIN LIMP MODE 2 ENGINE LIGHTS HERES A LINK TO WHAT THEY DID and here are more people sold faulty vans that cant get a refund

ripped off

May 24, 2021
UPDATE £500-600 to have the dpf cleaned and sensors {THIS VAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN REFUNDED}