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1 Cicero Street, Shaw Road, Oldham OL14AW, UK

Avanti Motor Group Ltd Used car dealership


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Kadi Ajilogba

May 21, 2022
Do not bother buying a car from this dealer unless you want to get a scrap car bought on auction. I had issues with the car the day I bought it. Tried to return the car within the 30 day period as per the Consumer Right Act only to be charged £250 by the dealer to return the car. According to the dealer the charges were for adding another driver onto the vehicle, mileage and the fact that he had to readvertise the car. Paid the money as I did not wish to keep the car anymore. Once the money was paid, he then decided that there were damages to the car supposedly caused by us. The supposed damages were scratches which the car was full of on the day of purchase. I was asked by the broker (Zuto) who is also untrustworthy to provide a report to prove the car was faulty in order. Two independent reports found there to be fault with the car but now the dealer is accusing me of tampering with the car. On top of this, both broker and dealer have lied to say that they have offered to refund back the £250 which they haven't. The whole ordeal has been very stressful and I'm still trying to return the wretched car. Oh and the 15 month warranty is just a scam, they know they're selling crap cars so it's to cover their backs. After the 15 months you'll be left with a scrap car you'll have ro fork out a lot of cash to fix. Don't do it!!!