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Daniel West

Apr 28, 2018
I purchased a 63 plate bmw 320d M sport on the 23rd of December and told it needed to be serviced and I could collect it on the 27th. when I arrived I looked around the cars and found the bmw I purchased. so I went in to talk about it and one of the questions I asked was has it suffered any body damage in which he replied no never. I picked my car that had supposedly been serviced but as I was driving home I had a warning light come on saying oil is low and that the rear fog light wasn't working. when I got home I checked all the fluids in the car and they all needed topping up properly and one of the tyres was not road legal! I replaced this. For the following month and half I replace the rear fog light 3 times and the warning light was still coming up. then in February the starter motor was struggling to start the car then started to see a lot of smoke and it would not start so I called the RAC and they took me to an RAC approved garage so I called car motion as it was still under warranty and they fobbed me off with loads of bogus excuses. I had the starter motor replaced as the old one was severely burnt out. after paying for the repairs £400 I picked my car up and within 2 weeks the starter motor went again so I took it back to the garage and he said it should not be burning out so quick so he called 2 different specialists to run checks on it and it came up with around 40 error codes some little things but more really bad he then called his body specialist out and he told me that it had been repaired with filler and sprayed in multiple places on my car even though I was told that it had never been damaged so I called another bodywork specialist and he showed me everything that the previous specialist said too even the boot didn't line up properly. so I called the manager at car motion and straight away he had an aggressive tone saying I sell over 150 cars a month in which I replied and how many of them were damaged he started to reply but kept stuttering as he was thinking of excuse to give me and with each excuse I had a reply that he could not answer you could clearly tell he was just reeling of bogus excuses as if he had a book with the excuses in and he was trying to find the right one to use and he kept trying to find the right one. in the end he basically said it was just minor car park bumps but if they were only minor bumps why was nearly the whole of the rear quarter fillered and sprayed and why does the boot lid not line up properly at this point he went really quiet and said the electrical problems were minor and my fault because I drove it away so they cant of been major problems so I replied no you just did a great job covering them up until I was gone then as the electrical specialist say a lot of the bad codes would of been there when I bought it one even went as far as saying that car motion screwed me over. They just lie to you to get the sale that is all they are bothered about not the customer just themselves. This company has refused to help me in any way what so ever just lay the blame on me but I have been told by mechanics the codes were not because of me they have been there since I purchased it and they caused more codes and for it to break down. I am £10500 out of pocket with thousands more to pay so yesterday I went around there car lot and out of the 20 cars we looked at 16 had some sort of repair and 3 of those 16 had some large repairs done to them. I would suggest anyone thinking of buying a car from car motion in Mexborough don't do it there is a highly likely chance that they lie to you just so they get a sale. the after care from this place is non existent avoid at all costs or you will end up out of pocket and receive no help once you drive away

chris shaw

May 6, 2015
Contacted this place by phone enquiring about a 2010 BMW 320d and spoke to someone called "Tony". I asked how many miles the vehicle had done (it didn`t say on the advert) "Tony" said 100000. I travelled nearly 50 miles to this place to find out the car had 130000 miles on the clock. The salesman who dealt with me and my wife asked who had told me about the mileage and when I said it was a "Tony" he looked sheepish and shrugged his shoulders and said "I can`t do anything about the mileage" (didn`t ask his name but I bet it was Tony, there are only about 6/7 salesman). He was of large build, in his late 50`s. Anyway I asked if I could test drive the car. The salesman said if he let me test drive it would I buy it? (stupid question - might do if I liked it and the part ex was favourable!!!!) . Reluctantly he handed me the keys and said "15 minutes if you bump it you have bought it" (how this guy has sold anything I`ll never know, he was a right know it all) The car bodywork wasn`t too bad apart from on the rear bumper beneath the fuel cap where it had slightly come away from the vehicle. "Tony stated this was a common fault with the BMW`s and it was caused by the fuel dripping onto the bodywork (Rubbish) He asked how much I wanted part ex for my car to which I said about £700, he obviously wasn`t listening because by the time I had filled in a form with my vehicle details he asked me again saying "So you want a grand for yours?" (I just agreed). Bet you guessed I didn`t buy the car!!!! The cars for sale are generally very good and I would possibly buy from carmotion and recommend to friends, it was just this particular salesman that let the company down. P.S they do need to start putting the mileage on the adverts