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65 Station Road Armadale, Bathgate EH483LJ, UK

GD Motors Used car dealership


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Peugeot 3008 2012
83k miles
Peugeot 208 2013
64k miles
Ford Fiesta 2010
56k miles

Most recent reviews

Peter McMillan

Jun 11, 2021
Great wee garage, honest and reliable. Don't listen to the negative reviews, been using this garage for years with no issues at all

John Campbell

Jun 9, 2021
Bought a car from here and it lasted just 6 days as the engine went on it, granted it was a trade in to clear and the priced that way but I would have expected it to last longer than 6 days. Obviously the fault with the engine existed when it was traded in to them and also when it was sold onto me. I took the car back to get it checked over but was told it was “gubbed” I didn’t find them helpful in the slightest and they couldn’t have cared any less for my situation, at the threat of going to trading standards I did recoup some money but at the end of the day I’m still out of pocket. It’s obvious that they would have paid less for the car than what it was sold to me and they have car back so it can be sold for parts or scrap so they are not out of pocket. Be very careful buying from this garage and check the reviews because I am not the only one that has had issues like this is the past.