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113-115 Codicote Road, Welwyn AL69TY, UK

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May 3, 2021
Just reading your review Ed sounds so familiar. My car also similar price, had a dodgy mot, managed to get some money back but nothing like what I’ve spent. Brakes discs tyres wheels electrics. Spent about £2k so far and still not finished. I’ve reported to trading standards and the mot station to Vosa. They were called rhmc then. Why take a car to London to get an mot? Dodgy!

Ed Hall

Dec 9, 2020
Purchased a vehicle a few weeks ago with 3month warranty, I did not class this as a cheap and expected something safe and reliable @ £7000! A few days later the car starts shaking from 30mph +, I contacted HMG ( this was the company name at the time) they said take it to a garage and let them know what is wrong. So I did and it turned out it is the rear diff and will cost £1000. I emailed the sales team and no one replied I have called several times and they won’t pick up. I then received a email from the warranty company who they use, the warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on, they refused the claim as they said the vehicle has not been serviced at the correct mileage, I tried to contact HMG again! And they had changed there company name to RHMC, and since coming on here to write a review I see they have changed there name again to Bargain Corner