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113-115 Codicote Road, Welwyn AL69TY, UK

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Liam Chilton

Sep 6, 2023
bought a vehicle and they put my name in a log book for another vehicle!!! This car is now getting fine after fine in a vehicle in my name which I don’t drive, I’m having bailiffs sent to my address causing me grief when I have a son to take care of, tried calling them but no answer. Don’t think the company is there anymore not sure where to turn


May 3, 2021
Just reading your review Ed sounds so familiar. My car also similar price, had a dodgy mot, managed to get some money back but nothing like what I’ve spent. Brakes discs tyres wheels electrics. Spent about £2k so far and still not finished. I’ve reported to trading standards and the mot station to Vosa. They were called rhmc then. Why take a car to London to get an mot? Dodgy!