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SW Commercials Swansea Used car dealership


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Brandon Taylor

Oct 15, 2023
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I brought my Toyota Hilux (2009) in December 2022, upon purchasing the vehicle I was very happy with the situation and purchase. Little did I know, this truck and company was going to be the bane of my life during my ownership. With purchasing a vehicle of this age I was of course able to understand that there will be age related marks etc. I ensured I asked the questions necessary & checked what I could without crawling completely underneath the truck (as this was not possible) - which is something that should not be expected of buyers to have to do anyway! To save myself having to do this, I asked the garage to send me pictures of the underneath of the truck before even committing to the journey - knowing that rust can be a problem of older cars. It took a while to get these pictures, but eventually they were sent through - everything seemed fine, to the best of my knowledge anyway. After collecting the vehicle, returning it home and using it for a couple of months, everything seemed fine & I was really happy to have my first truck. However, after a couple of months things started to go wrong: -Leak in power steering rack, resulting in this needing to be replaced -Shock absorber mount completely corroded and fell off -Exhaust system corroded in 3 different places, again resulting in this breaking -Rear, driver side chassis snapped due to corrosion -Prop shaft U-J broke, resulting in replacement -Rear taillights & indicators stopped working -Severe rust pretty much everywhere else underneath the vehicle Looking back at the photos previously sent, it’s obvious to me now that it had recently been undersealed (hiding the issues) - and the parts of the major corrosion have been missed from the photos. To someone who does not work in the motor industry, this was not clear to me before and is only now I have had all these issues I can see how ‘clever’ the garage have been. With all the issues listed above, it would cost me a fortune to get the vehicle back up to the safety level it should be. I’ve now actually had to scrap the car due to it being pretty much unfixable, loosing me a whopping £5000! Before jumping to the scrapping option, I contacted the garage giving them the chance to rectify and perhaps make-up for mis-selling this vehicle (the car was just out of warranty, although looking at other reviews this doesn’t seem to be much good anyway). Of course, this was not the case and the pretty much told me there is nothing they can do. I researched how I can take this further, as I do not wish for anyone else to go through this stress - I was researching about the Motor Ombudsman Service. Before I could do this I needed to check the company was part of this trading association, my partner (to not make the garage suspicious) contacted them to ask. The owner, via WhatsApp, confirmed that yes their garage is part of this as it’s a legal requirement (we have evidence of this conversation). After taking this further with this service and following all the instructions necessary, they informed me that this garage if in fact not a part of this service and that they cannot offer any further assistance-the company had not provided any other ADR. Due to the monies I knew I was going to loose, there was no way i could have afforded to take this further with the legal sector & I was really hoping there would be some luck with the service. I was beyond disappointed to find out this there was nothing that could have been done. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had and really do not wish this upon anyone else. Therefore, I am writing reviews on all possible sites & doing as much as I can to get the company a bad name and hopefully shut down. PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY, TO AVOID THE MASSIVE INCONVENIENCE I HAVE EXPERIENCED.