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9. Mercedes Benz EQC

By Phil Gardner
Jan 26, 2021
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Let’s start with something Electric. Right now Mercedes Benz has a 0% APR offer on their brand new Mercedes Benz EQC. The EQC slots into their EV lineup offering similar functionality to the Mercedes Benz GLC but in a fully electrified and sustainable manner. With this purchase, buyers will also get a free BP Pulse Wall Box worth £499 or 2 years of membership to the BP Pulse public charging infrastructure. The EQC is able to achieve up to 259 miles on a single charge and a rapid charge takes just 40 minutes.

 This deal allows buyers to get themselves behind the wheel of a brand new EQC for as little as £546.51 per month with an £11,832.52 deposit. That’s quite steep for an SUV, but very affordable for an electric SUV, especially when you consider there is 0% APR available.