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Meet BMWs Brand New X1 XDRIVE25e

Another hybrid added to BMW’s list of electrified models...

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Request a BMW X1 test drive

BMW’s commitment to electrified driving continues into 2020 with the introduction of a brand new hybrid model, the X1 xDrive25e. That name tag might not roll of the tongue but it explains the model rather succinctly. This is a brand new X1 which uses BMW’s all-wheel-drive ‘xDrive’ system, with the ‘25’ referring to the tiered power output and the ‘e’ obviously being a nod to the petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

Meet BMWs Brand New X1 XDRIVE25e Image

So, what is it all about?

Well BMW’s X1 has sold really well across Europe as BMW’s most accessible model from the ‘X’ range but the rise in popularity of hybrid vehicles has called for the introduction of an electrified model. Enter the xDrive25e. This car uses the latest generation of Lithium-ion battery and mates it to a 1.5 litre 3-cylinder twin-turbo petrol engine. The outcome is really impressive. BMW has claimed that when driven correctly this new model should be able to return an average fuel consumption between 134.5 and 148.7 miles per gallon with CO2 emissions sitting between 43 and 48 grams per kilometre. It almost sounds too good to be true.

This new hybrid will achieve it’s optimum efficiency while out driving at motorway speeds, but if your  driving style typically involves shorter, slower journeys then you’re likely to save even more money on fuel. The xDrive25e can return between 33 and 35 miles of electric-only driving without sipping on a drop of petrol and go up to speeds of 84 mph. Drivers will also be given the option to save their battery for later in the journey, so if you’re heading into the city then you can use petrol power alone for the journey and then zip around the city centre in silence using the electric power that you held in reserve.

Meet BMWs Brand New X1 XDRIVE25e Image

BMW will also be releasing this same powertrain in their upcoming X2, which will also be badged as the xDrive25e. Both of these models will come with features like 17-inch alloys, 2-zone climate control, Sports seats and LED headlights as standard for the UK market. BMW will also allow owners to ‘pre-condition’ their vehicles using the BMW smartphone app. This means you can turn the heated seats on, get the windscreen defrosted and warm up the cabin while you’re still eating your breakfast indoors… very handy! 

In terms of practicality, the new X1 xDrive25e positions its battery underneath the rear seats, which lowers the centre of gravity while leaving a healthy 450 litres of luggage capacity in the boot. Fold the 40:20:40 rear seats down and this figure climbs to 1,470 litres which is more than you’re likely to ever need.

Meet BMWs Brand New X1 XDRIVE25e Image

The new X1 xDrive25e is on sale now from £38,200 with the first customer deliveries are expected from March 2020 so, as always, book a test drive as soon as possible to find out if this is the hybrid car for you!

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