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Porsche Is the Top Prestige Car Brand Clamped by the DVLA

Figures released by the DVLA show 133,000 untaxed vehicles were clamped

During the financial year (2017 to 2018), there were 133,000 untaxed vehicles clamped. These included nearly 350 prestige cars of which 199 were Porches, 28 Abarths, 23 Maseratis, 20 Bentleys and a Hummer. The following table lists the offending cars.

Porsche Is the Top Prestige Car Brand Clamped by the DVLA Image 0

Taking the top spots overall with 6,000 each were the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra. Not surprising really as these two are among the UK's most popular makes and models. Further offending vehicles included; 73 London Taxis, 5 Harley-Davidson motorbikes, 4 motorhomes and an Iris Bus were also clamped for being untaxed.

Porsche Is the Top Prestige Car Brand Clamped by the DVLA Image 1

Continuing to appear in the top ten most popular colour of vehicles to be clamped was silver with more than 32,000 clamped during the year, which was an increase of 2,000 more than the previous year. Black vehicles just topped blue ones into second place and even 690 gold vehicles were also clamped. Who'd have thought there were even 690 gold vehicles on our roads!

Porsche Is the Top Prestige Car Brand Clamped by the DVLA Image 3

Porsche Is the Top Prestige Car Brand Clamped by the DVLA Image 4

The above figures prove that regardless of what type of vehicle you own, whether it's a performance car, a motorbike or a bus the message continues to be 'tax it or lose it'. 

The penalty for driving without road tax

If the system shows a vehicle as being untaxed and not declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), a letter and a fine of £80 will be sent to the registered keeper. Providing you pay the fine within 28 days, you should receive a discount of 50%.

If you don't pay the fine, you could be prosecuted, and the fine could be increased to a £1,000 if the case goes to court. The DVLA also has the authority to clamp your vehicle until the correct amount of tax is paid.

Check your tax due date and set up your invaluable reminders

bring back the tax disc, solve a lot of the problem

Costing more than they are supposed to be saving. Laughable really.

Put road tax on fuel, no more clamping costs, no more SORN, don’t need the Dvla tax section so more saving. The more miles driven the more tax paid. Already a system in place for collecting fuel duty so again no additional cost.

5 years ago I would have agreed. But this would mean that drivers of electric vehicles pay nothing. OK, so they don't pollute (at the point of use) but the roads still have to be maintained. (Not that a fraction of road tax or fuel duty goes on maintaining the roads but don't let's start on that here...) There will come a point as petrol and diesel usage decreases that the government will have to find an alternative method of extracting income from the motoring public.

Interesting that 73 London Taxis were clamped for being untaxed. As the licensing for driving a Hackney Carriage is under the control of TFL, you'd think that using an untaxed vehicle would be grounds for revoking that licence.