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205 Bradford Road, Dewsbury WF132HD, UK

Highgrove Motors Used car dealership


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Jessica Barclay

Jun 28, 2021
Bought a beautiful car from these guys with the clear information that the only issue was the rear breaks. Within 2-3 weeks of driving the car, it was found there were issues with the outer tie rods causing the front wheels to squeak, the front breaks needed replacing, the key for the wheels was worn and useless (£200 to replace) the CV boots were rotted and needed replacing. After trying to contact the motor company for a partial refund (Reasonable request all things considered) to fix the issue, i was met with "Its not my problem" essentially, tried to be reasonable, tried to contact warranty company (Its not worth the paper its wrote on, stated unless it fails there is nothing they can do) Tried to work it out with highgrove, now being ignored. AVOID at all cost, we've spent upwards of £300 just to get it evaluated have a few of the MANY problems fixed with no resolution!