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Land Rover announces its sizzling spring sale

We've broken down the detail to give you seven of the hottest offers

By Phil Gardner
Feb 23, 2021

We’re big fans of Land Rover here at Regit. While the ownership of the brand may have been transferred over to Tata Motors in India, we know there is an inherently British quality to the Land Rover models which, combined with its pedigree in creating epic off-roaders, makes it one of the most desirable 4x4s on the market. We should all feel very proud of this. While SUV’s have historically been dubbed ‘gas-guzzlers’ - the fact of the matter is the new hybrid and electric tech from JLR ensures its models are more sustainable than ever before, while becoming increasingly impressive as the years go by. Today we’re having a virtual walk through the Land Rover showroom, going through each model’s highlights and showing what offers are available right now.