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4. Mercedes Benz A250e

By Phil Gardner
Feb 2, 2021
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The A-Class is one of the most desirable prestige hatchbacks on the market and, recently, Mercedes has added a hybridised version to the model lineup. The A250e uses an electric motor to add up to 44 miles of pure electric range to the 1.3-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine. That’s the same engine used in the A180 and A200 but in the A250e it can return ‘up to 256 mpg’ when petrol and electricity are used harmoniously to an impossibly scientific degree. In real life, you can expect to see in excess of 70mpg when driving the A250e sensibly, which is exceptional. 

The A-Class was actually Britain’s best-selling car in October of 2020, replacing the Ford Fiesta which is basically the best selling car every other month, ever. That’s a testament to the allure of the A-Class and also the exceptional deals. Right now, Mercedes is offering the A250e with just 2.9% APR and buyers can choose between a FREE BP pulse wall box (worth £499) or 2 years of free membership to the BP Pulse public charging network. This is available exclusively when financing the vehicle directly through Mercedes.