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Mobile Bio-Diesel Factory

The mobile bio-diesel factory that can be moved anywhere to manufacture bio-diesel

Proper Oils is a business which started operations a year ago working with local authorities to facilitate free collections of used cooking oil from caterers within their borough.

Used cooking oil is collected from restaurants and cafes rather than thrown away to convert into fuel. The factory has been built in an articulated lorry trailer. Used cooking oil is filtered to remove the impurities and then pumped over into the reactor where methanol which is used in racing cars and potassium hydroxide is added, this is heated gently and bio diesel is produced with a by product of glycerol there is then a final filtration to produce bio-diesel. The bio-diesel smells like sunflower oil but looks like diesel.

The company are hoping to supply large organisations and eventually have pumps. The cost of one litre would be approximately £1.15.

Proper Oils collected a Green Business award last year, they are looking to support recycling by reducing pollution and congestion collecting oil and hope to minimise the environmental footprint.

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