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Thieves target car keys through burglaries

Car keys the most targeted item for criminals

According to a recent study car keys are likely to be the most targeted items for criminals in 2009. There is an increased risk to owners and their homes as modern cars have factory fitted security equipment including alarms and immobilizers. Car thieves now need the keys as hot wiring becomes a thing of the past.

It is especially alarming that thieves who used to target cars directly now resort to much more sinister crime of seizing keys directly from the owners or their homes by forcible means. The study revealed that 90 percent of high value car thefts in 2008 involved the use of the original keys which had been stolen directly from the owner or their homes.

Remember to keep your keys safe at all times. Hide a spare set away in your home and never leave them by the front door or window. Also, remove the ignition key every time you leave your vehicle when you are filling the car up with petrol or popping into the newsagents. If you warm your car up in the winter do not leave the vehicle at any time.

A recent survey reveals that motorists in Hull are the most likely to suffer car theft while those in Swindon enjoy the lowest rates of vehicle crime. In second place is Nottingham (86.3 per cent higher than average), followed by Manchester (73.9 per cent), Stockport (73 per cent) and Ilford (72.9 per cent). The fact remains that no motorist - wherever they live - can afford to be complacent.

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