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Compound 1 Nuralite Industrial Estate Canal Road Rochester, Rochester ME37JA, UK

Andrew James Cars Ltd Used car dealership

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Audi Q7 2014
119k miles
Mini Clubman 2016
100k miles

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Daniel Scott

Jul 26, 2022
Sold my baby mum a car not fit for purpose, within first month it went back with issues, they claim to have fixed and replaced the turbo as a gesture of good will, why would you replace a turbo as a good will if it don't need doing? Something dodgy already there, anyway got car back, engine light came on and driving down dual car ridgeway lost all power white smoke out the back of the car, stuck with my son on a dual carriageway with a car that was leaking oil on the road, lucky I turn up to rescue my baby mum, my son was in the car, police had to close road so can push car to one side, very dangerous. Got it recovered back to her house, day after got a mechanic out to have a look, found a hole in the engine, said possible con rod had gone through engine? He said the turbo may have a part if it had blown, metal shards sent into engine and boom, so the dealership claim they replaced the turbo, so did they do this correctly? Was the turbo replacement the reason for the engine blowing up? Why would the dealership change a turbo as a good will, maybe they knew the car was no good. Either way my baby mum contacted dealership to get a reply that she felt intimidated,.i will instruct finance company to send out a non biased independent mechanic, stop selling cars that are no good, it had a after marker air filter on, sprayed engine bay cover, how can a dealership sell a car to a single woman which is not standard? She did not this! Thinking because she a single woman can palm her off and intimate her via texts, saying "contacting the finance company was a bad idea" I don't think that it professional at all. In fact she has every right to complain as the car went back to you for repairs then came back and blew up, shame in you, small claims court will be a second option if needed, Dan on behalf of cara astra vxr in white