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Top 5 pick-up trucks

5 of the very best pickup trucks on the market

By Phil Gardner
Apr 2, 2020

While the SUV market has been exploding year on year, there’s been a significant increase in demand for Pick-Up trucks in the UK. Pick-ups have typically been out of favour in Britain, as most people and businesses have traditionally opted for Transit vans for their load-lugging and regular vehicles for family uses. Now though, big cars are big business and pick-up trucks are selling better at the moment than ever before in the UK. Companies are handing them out to staff too as the tax benefits can be incredibly rewarding, as pick-ups are typically considered Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) so the Benefit In Kind is at a more agreeable rate.

There are some excellent options to choose from, so today we’re looking at the 5 most impressive pick-ups on the market.