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2009 Mazda RX-8

A lightly refreshed RX-8 coupe made its world debut in Detroit.

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Request a MAZDA RX-8 test drive

A lightly refreshed RX-8 coupe made its world debut in Detroit. Since its launch in 2003, the RX-8 has been recognized as a genuine sports car but features a unique four-door, four-seat format that delivers sports car values, passenger comfort and driving pleasure, says Mazda.

For 2009, Mazda will further the evolution of RX-8 with a refreshed exterior and interior design, enhanced performance and a new R3 sport package for the ultimate driving enthusiast.

Engineers improved body rigidity through the addition of structural reinforcements, by adding a trapezoidal strut tower bar and enhancing the local rigidity of the front suspension tower areas. Also, the rear suspension geometry has been reconfigured for better handling performance and driveshaft rigidity is improved, lowering NVH levels and improving performance.

Powered by the world’s only mass-produced rotary engine, RX-8 is the spiritual successor to the 1967 Cosmo 110S, the world’s first twin-rotor production car. With almost two million rotary engines sold, and the company’s legendary win at the 1991 24-hour Le Mans race — the only Japanese brand to ever win the endurance racing classic — the rotary engine remains the sole preserve of Mazda.