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Audi S4 and Audi S4 Avant

New Audi S4 - Supercharged and ready for action!

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Request a AUDI test drive

The new Audi S4 is quite a change for Audi. Dropping big turbos and replacing them with a supercharger doesn’t seem like progress until you see the near 30% improvement in economy with similar performance. Combined MPG is a healthy 29.2 mpg, but don’t expect to ever get that unless you drive like your granny!

The 0-60 sprint is done in 5.1 seconds, that’s pretty impressive and only 0.2 seconds slower than the BMW M3 saloon , which is around £13,000 more expensive. Ten years ago the BMW has more cachet than the Audi, but now the Audi has the edge in terms of brand, so why pay the premium?

Quattro all wheel drive is standard and there is clever electronic wizardry that ensures the average driver won’t get into a pickle while pushing the car hard. Audi drive select lets Petrolheads play with settings like the Servotronic steering and the gearshift speed.

Inside beautifully finished leather seats and typical refined Audi instruments feel high quality, not low rent.

Outside the car it’s typical Audi, a little understated perhaps. With the S Line designation blurring the line between true performance ( S) models and standard cars with body-kits and jewellery (S-Line), Audi have played a trump card with the pricing.

Estimated on the road for the S4 saloon is £36,000 and £37,500 for the S4 Avant.