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BMW M3 coupe-convertible

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Request a BMW M3 test drive

BMW has announced its third M3 variant, the new convertible.

This M3 drop top makes far more sense than any previous model, which like the 911 convertible, seemed to be bought as much for its posing power as for its driving prowess.

But now with the folding steel roof, this is a serious all-weather machine that offers pretty well all the benefits of the M3 coupé with the option of fresh air when you need it. Or just want to pose. Mechanically there are no surprises, the 414bhp V8 identical to that in the coupé and saloon. The convertible is heavier, however, so expect a few tenths to be added to that 4.9 second 0-62mph time. The M3 drop top will be launched by the summer in the UK, with prices starting at around £55k.