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Budget BMW Mini 1.4 First

The entry level BMW Mini holds it value

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Request a MINI FIRST test drive

The BMW Mini First 1.4 is a supermini that more motorists can afford. It is priced to sell at just £10,950 this could have another two thousand pounds knocked off if the government scrappage scheme is used.

The BMW Mini First looks almost the same as the BMW Mini One, there has only been minor changes to bring the price down. The engine is a 1.4 litre with only 74bhp and this engine achieves 0-62mph in a leisurely 13.2 seconds. The BMW Mini First does have a six speed gearbox and handling remains as much fun as ever just at slower speeds. There is all the BMW Mini One technology including the start/stop system which automatically cuts the engine when you are at standstill in heavy traffic, this saves fuel and reduces co2 emissions.

The interior of the BMW Mini First remains a high standard and there is slightly more interior space. The speedo dominates the dash as in all the Mini range and there are heavily styled heater and stereo controls which could be confusing for some.

The boot is the same as the BMW Mini One which is only capable of holding a few shopping bags but the rear seats fold down to increase the area when needed.