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Drivers fear foreign truckers

Foreign registered left-hand trucks are one of British drivers biggest fears, with 80% if UK motorists saying they avoid such trucks. The latest government accident statistics show this is a wise precaution as accidents involving a foreign truck have risen by 47% in the past five years.

There are more than 10,000 foreign trucks on UK roads every working day and many of these truck drivers do not know enough about British driving laws. To combat the problem, the government has distributed 40,000 stick-on mirror lenses, which help extend the mirror's field of vision, in a bid to reduce the number of incidents that foreign trucks are involved in. The Highways Agency is planning to distribute a further 90,000 of these lenses at ports in England and France.

Suzanne Linturn, of driver training company Peak Performance, says: "Differences in driving practices, signs and speed limits between the UK and the countries from which these trucks come can give rise to problems."

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