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Ford Fiesta ST upgrades

Fiesta ST upgrades give drivers more power

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Request a FORD FIESTA test drive

Motorists driving a Ford Fiesta ST can now boost their vehicles with performance upgrades from dealerships across the UK.

The company has announced that Mountune Performance upgrades will come in two packages priced at £1,435 and £1,838 respectively - plus fitting charges.

Fiesta ST upgrades give drivers more power.

A high-performance exhaust with catalyst and tubular manifold, a high-flow induction system and engine recalibration to 165ps comes with the Stage 1 kit.

In the Stage 2 package, motorists receive new camshafts and valve springs in addition to the basic package, while another engine recalibration will take it to 185ps.

"Developed by Ford Team RS in a new association with Roush Technologies Ltd, which owns the Mountune Racing motorsport brand, these packages will only be available at specialist Ford dealers," said the company.

The mid-class supermini Ford Fiesta has been in production since 1976 and comes in three and five-door variations.