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Hyundai helps drivers keep “closer eye on the budget” with the Getz

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Request a HYUNDAI GETZ test drive

The Getz supermini from Hyundai is being offered by the firm at a price which even the thriftiest of drivers would not balk at.

For £6,495 with three years-worth of £99 servicing, the unit also comes with electric windows and a five-year warranty.

But the Getz is not the only vehicle being offered by Hyundai for a cheap price this autumn.

Available for £4,995, the Amica 1.1 Atlantic model was a success and sold out when it first came to dealerships in August

The latest shipment of the car to forecourts has seen the manufacturer predict it will once again be a hit "for those who take great pride in keeping their motoring costs low".