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Insurance Fraud still a growing menace

Staged accidents ‘crash for cash’

Drivers should still be aware of the growing problem of crash for cash staged accidents. It is now becoming a frightening menace for innocent motorists; even though the chances of being involved in a staged accident are low the problem has increased. Susan Jones Head of the Investigations Unit at the Insurance Fraud Bureau says ”We believe there are about 30,000 incidents reported to insurers every year that relate to staged, invented or induced accidents”.

Drivers need to be more aware of the dangers and report anything unusual, many staged crashes take place at busy roundabouts and motorway slip roads and there are many warning signs. Crooks are aware that your attention will be split with the traffic ahead and traffic approaching from other angles you may find that the car in front has not proceeded in the way you would expect it too. Gangs sometimes use several vehicles with one following behind that tries to bump you into the car in front. Also other drivers following may act as witnesses. Always be wary of over helpful witnesses that may be part of the act. Remember to keep your distance when approaching junctions or slip roads.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau has a checklist that you should follow: do not admit blame and always say the matter will be for the insurance companies, note down all details of the vehicle and people involved, if possible take pictures of the scene and damage to the vehicles and share your suspicions with your insurance company as soon as possible.

Fraudulent claims led to honest motorists having to pay an extra £40 a year on average on their premiums. Insurers report that anyone committing insurance fraud is more likely to get caught, risk a criminal record and future insurance will be harder to obtain and also expensive.

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