Introducing Regit; the new us. Here’s why.

As you know - we're moving to Regit, so here's what's new.

We’ve been since 2008. Over that time, we’ve built a community of over 2 million motorists, helping them throughout their car owning lifecycle through our motoring tools, and informative content.

But now, it’s time for a change. And change is good.

We’re becoming Regit. 

Regit [rejj-it]

Simply tell us your car’s reg number and we’ll help you find solutions at the moments that matter - whether you’re selling, buying or maintaining your car.

We’re changing because we want to bring all our solutions to everyday motoring problems down to your car's reg. Got an issue with your MOT, just reg it. Looking to sell your car, just reg it.

What do I need to do?

That’s the beauty, nothing. If you have a current MyMotoring account, it will be replaced by an improved Regit account where you can manage your, and your family’s, cars with ease. You just need to show up and take advantage. Just log in with your existing MyMotoring details.

If you haven’t got an account, then what are you waiting for?  

See you on the other side. 

We've spent a lot of time making things better and easier. To see what we mean, have a look at the improvements to our Used Car Search - where you can now see just how good a deal the one you're looking at really is, as well that car's history.

Also, make sure you check out how easy it is to Sell Your Car for the best price - where you can compare the price you'd get at private sale with the prices offered by car buying services or even get dealers to bid on your car. 

What’s happening to MyMotoring?

While we merge users from MyMotoring to Regit, both sites will remain live for a while. While news, articles and quizzes will remain on both sites, when you log in to your account on MyMotoring, you’ll be redirected to Regit.

Re:Git What git came up with this awful idea, hope you didn't pay them. Say goodbye to your user base as you move to this unguessable URL.

100% agree with you. Probably the same level of , incompetent marketing moron that came up with the name Consignia for the Royal Mail or the new coke! Not to mention getting caught by spam checks, so might not even be reaching users inboxes. Some people don't deserve to be in marketing!

I agree fully as well. Must have been an impressive sales pitch!!

I would have thought that was quite a valuable domain name. Refit is worthless.

Daft name. I would have thought motoring was a lot more useful than regit. I kid you not, the definition of Regit from is: "Originally derived from slurring the words Ridiculous and Legit together. Basically meaning that something is pretty ridiculous but is definitely legitimate." Hilarious!

Oh dear! What a mistake. You have taken something that is recognisable to something that isn't. You need to think again and come back with a title that refers to motoring. Why not have something like "motoring with regit" if the word regit has to stay.

I like it. Hopefully it's more fun than Motoring.

Great name, simple and easy to remember

regit, regit...ohh, it's a frog in my computer... just what I need now my old car is croaking..!!! Hmm, I think you are just coming up with ways to make money, but God alone knows how?

What a totally stupid and irrelevant name! You'll regret the change, No obvious relationship to motoring. Regit - more like a programming problem ...

I hate change for the sake of change, I hate change that seems stupid, I hate change that is driven by fashion and most of all I hate it when folk make changes to give themselves an advantage and foist them on others just because they can - I still haven't got used to Jif, the cream cleaner that graced British kitchens and bathrooms for decades (was probably originally short for Jiffy, as in quickly) having the name changed to Cif (sif) in order to have a more international appeal (they claimed). Considering we British refer to that well-known and widely feared social disease Syphilis as "syph", We haven't bought any of that brand since... On the face of it the changes to this site scores three out of four but I expect the powers behind this site will have more reasons to make the change than will ever be admitted to or the site users be privy to.

What could be more motoring than your reg, Barry? What we’ve created is a service where you can buy, sell, service and manage all your cars using just the reg – so we think Regit makes sense. We hope you give it a go!

Good to hear you’re into your etymology, Stee! Regit was originally derived from combining the words ‘reg’ and ‘it’ and the amount of things you can do with your car on here is ridiculous and legit.

Money isn’t everything, Rodger! We’ve had a ‘Refit’ and we hope you stick around to give Regit a try.

It was just us gits at Motoring, Paul. We thought it was time for a change. We do admit ‘Re:Git’ made us chuckle but as we deal with reg plates we’ll stick with Regit for now.

You really need to get that computer seen to, Charlie! What we’re trying to do is come up with ways to make your motoring life easier, especially if your old car’s about to croak.

Thanks, Michelle! When it comes to your car, all you need to remember is our name. We’ll do the rest.

We’ve got to politely disagree with you there, Stephen. We think that, in the motoring world, everything starts with a reg. But we can’t deny, there’s definitely some fancy programming going on in the background.

Welcome to the party, Sam!

Thanks Vernon. Three out of four ain't bad, but we're striving for full marks! Let us know what that looks like, and we'll do our best. For a reason, well, Motoring is about cars of course, but so is your reg. We hope it's a grower.

You missed the point - three out of four is bad, very bad. I mean you managed to tick three of the four boxes why change should not be made. Just now your actions are 75% negative, so why would you want to make that 100% negative?

Gotcha. Well, as long as there's a chance...

Makes much more sense when seen in two tone blue than single colour type - once I saw it like that I got it!!

:) Great to have you on-board.

Please listen to the majority and find another name. Oh and by the way, where did you get that definition for concierge from? It is French for caretaker and it literally means 'with candle' as the concierge would take you to your apartment taking a candle with her. If you want people to use this site you need to act responsibly and in an adult manner otherwise people will see you as a bunch of jokers/ sixth form prankers and you also need to do proper research. I hope you find my comments useful. I really am, along with the majority of posters, trying to help you help us.

Oh Dear.......yet another Corporate mistake, MyMotoring was so much more personal to all us subscribers

From the 26 comments, I can find only 3 in favour of the new name. Take note, "Regit." To date, I have not found anywhere on the website that clearly explains why "Motoring" was deemed no longer acceptable and "Regit" was deemed to be better. Change for the sake of change is not good change. Remember how much taxpayer's money was wasted on "Consignia?"

Im sorry but if it aint broke dont fix it, new name regit is horrible