Jaguar Unveil The ‘Steering Wheel Of The Future’ And They’ve Named It ‘Sayer’

It also doubles as an alarm clock and will have ‘hundreds’ of other uses...

Jaguar has revealed a steering wheel concept that will live within your home and become your trusted companion, and they’ve named it ‘Sayer.’

Sayer will be the first voice controlled artificial intelligence steering wheel and Sayer will eventually be able to carry out hundreds of tasks.

It looks as though Jaguar want to create an automotive industry whereby nobody owns a car, just their steering wheel, which they can use to summon an autonomous, artificially intelligent car. The roads will be a network of connected cars that are communally owned, instead of privately owned.

Sayer would then attach to the steering column of the car and you’d be whisked off effortlessly in a car where the steering wheel is the only part you own.

As an example, Jaguar say that if you needed to be at a meeting by 8am tomorrow morning, you would tell Sayer in advance from the comfort of your home and it would work out what time to wake you up, what time to have an autonomous car arrive at your house, and even suggest parts of the route which you might enjoy driving yourself.

Interestingly, the name ‘Sayer’ has been chosen as a nod to Malcolm Sayer, who worked for Jaguar between 1951 and 1970 and is considered to be one of the most prominent designers from Jaguar's past.

Sayer was debuted at the inaugural Jaguar Land Rover tech-fest which started on the 7th of September at Centre St Martins art, design and technology college in London. This is a free-to-enter festival and the exhibition is open to the general public.

The event has been created to explore the positive effects that technology is playing within the automotive industry and beyond.