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Land Rover to launch stop-start system

Stop-start fuel saving for Land Rover in 2008

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Land Rover will have stop-start systems in its vehicles from late 2008 as part of its programme to reduce emissions.

“It’s a small step, but it will help,” said Andy Griffiths, UK marketing director. “Our resources are limited and we don’t see technology offering just one solution. Weight is the big issue for us – 4x4s are all we’ve ever made and all we will ever make.” Land Rover is also working on hybrid technology, he confirmed.

Griffiths is confident that Land Rover will meet the EU’s 2012 emissions targets. “One of our challenges is that other manufacturers are getting to these targets quicker but people will always buy our products because of what they do.”

September’s sales figures are encouraging and this month could end up being the company’s best month in the UK, said Griffiths. “We sold 1,500 vehicles in the first week,” said Griffiths. That puts Land Rover on track for a record 50,000 UK sales this year, ahead of 2006’s total of just over 49,000 sales.

Globally, Griffiths expects 2007 to be a record year with sales of around 200,000.

“We’re selling 30,000 vehicles a year in countries like Russia and China where, five years ago, we sold nothing,” he said.