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Mighty Monaro - Vauxhall Meets Corvette

Brace yourself for the Vauxhall Monaro

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Request a VAUXHALL MONARO test drive

Designing cars is like baking cakes. You need the right ingredients. So, what happens when you mix a Vauxhall coupé with Corvette's 6.0-litre V8 engine? Brace yourself for the Vauxhall Monaro.

The Monaro is an Australian import from Holden, Vauxhall's sister company. Engines range from 5.7 to 6.0-litres and generate 328-397bhp. Top models reach 60mph in 5.3 seconds and charge to an astonishing 185mph. Perfect, for drivers who outgrow their Corsa.

The Monaro is traditionally brutish and lacks sophistication. The massive power is best appreciated on straights rather than demanding corners. Handling is generally secure although turning off traction control can result in over-steer. Ride quality is good, the steering precise, and interiors spacious enough to transport four terrified adults. So, what are the running costs?

A 2005 Monaro costs £15,000. Prestigious vehicles with unfashionable badges depreciate quickly so minimise losses through long term ownership. The Monaro is generally reliable which allows drivers to save money for petrol. Fuel consumption is only 18mpg. Insurance and tax costs are massive but mussel car thrills compensate for the sleepless nights. Overall, a magnificent machine from a bygone era.