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Mini is top used car performer

Minis keep their value the best, according to Lex Leasing.

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Minis keep their value the best, while Audi is the most coveted used car brand according to the UK’s leading leasing company.

Lex has taken an annual gaze into its crystal ball and has published its top 20 used cars list.

It reveals which cars will be worth the most second hand in three years time, and in 2007 not surprisingly those new models that are in current short supply are top of the tree.

Top of the used car pile is the MINI, continuing where it left off in 2006. After 60,000 miles Lex reckons that Cowley's finest will be worth 54% of its original cost new price

In the second and third place are the stylish TT and A5, which together with the A3, Q7 and Cabriolet put Audi as the most coveted used brand in the Lex list.

Surprisingly the Lex list shows the anti-4x4 lobby has not hit residual value predictions, with no less than seven in the top 20, including the new Land Rover Freelander, Honda CRV and Mercedes M Class.

Bread and butter fleet cars have struggled to get anywhere near the top 20, but the nearest are the Audi A3 (7th) and the BMW 3 series (18th) which between them enjoy strong fleet sales. Volvo’s C30 is the only true three door hatchback in the top 20 at number nine.

There is only one green entry – the Toyota Prius in 15th place, while the Porsche Boxster for so long top of the Lex list has fallen to 14th. This shows how a car’s residual value halo can slip when a high volume of cars start to appear in the used market.

“Most used drivers aspire to the same credentials as a new car buyer, that of style, exclusivity and reliability and that’s why this list is the way it is,” said Steve Jones, Lex Pricing Manager.

“Those used buyers who can’t get into a new MINI or Audi TT may well be able to stretch to a used one in three years time, and they will be in demand, which pushes up prices,” he added.

Ranking Model % of Original Cost New Price

1 Mini 54%
2 Audi TT 52%
3 Audi A5 51%
4 Range Rover Sport 50%
5 Mercedes Benz SLK 49%
6 Mercedes Benz C Class 49%
7 Audi A3 48%
8 BMW X5 47%
9 Volvo C30 47%
10 Land Rover Freelander 47%
11 Toyota RAV4 46%
12 Nissan 350Z 46%
13 Honda CRV 46%
14 Porsche Boxster 45%
15 Toyota Prius 45%
16 Audi Q7 45%
17 Mercedes Benz M Class 45%
18 BMW 3 Series Coupe & Convertible 45% 19 Audi Cabriolet 44%
20 BMW 1 series 44%

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