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Money raised by speed camera at all time high

Speeding tickets quadrupled to almost £200 a minute

Home offices figures were revealed recently showing that 1.8 million tickets are being issued each year which is approximately 4,850 a day. This is a one hundred and fifty per cent rise in ten years. The increase in the amount of the actual fine has risen from £40 to £60, the result of this increase means that the cash raised has jumped to £106.4 million which is an incredible difference to ten years ago when it was £28.5 million.

The worrying aspect looking at these figures is where does all the money go? The millions generated go directly into Treasury coffers; the government then makes road safety grants to local councils. Speed camera partnerships comprising of councils, police and the courts no longer receive a penny from cameras.

Despite the huge increase in speeding fines it seems that Britain has the worst record for reducing accidents than other countries, whilst independent research shows there are fewer deaths and serious injuries at camera sites each year.

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