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Motorists Facing New Road Tax System

Vehicle excise duty system (road tax) is changing from April 1.

The vehicle excise duty system (road tax) is changing from April 1. Vehicles registered after March 2001 will still be taxed on emissions, but the number of 'tax bands' is increasing from seven, to thirteen. These are:

Tax band A (up to 100g/km CO2) no fee
Tax band B (101- 110g/km CO2) £35
Tax band C (111-120g/km CO2) £35
Tax band D (121-130g/km CO2) £120
Tax band E (131-140g/km CO2) £120
Tax band F (141- 150g/km CO2) £125
Tax band G (151 to 160g/km CO2) £150
Tax band H (161 to 170g/km CO2) £175
Tax band I (171 to 180g/km CO2) £175
Tax band J (181 to 200g/km CO2) £215
Tax band K (201 to 225g/km CO2) £215
Tax band L (226 to 255g/km CO2) £405
Tax band M (Over 255g/km CO2) £405

However, some polluting vehicles receive a reprieve. Models emiting over 225g/km of CO2, and registered between March 1, 2001 and March 23, 2006 - join band K.

Vehicles registered before March 2001 are taxed on engine size. Models up to 1549cc cost £125, and vehicles over 1549cc cost £190. The prices change again in April 2010 - rewarding the environmental and punishing polluters. Motorists wishing to avoid the complications should drive pre 1973 cars - classics are road tax exempt.
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