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New Ford Kuga Hybrid 24 Hour Test Drive In July 2020

Ford Kuga Hybrid 24 Hour Test Drive lets you explore this sports-utility vehicle’s strengths at your leisure.

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The Ford Kuga Hybrid 24 Hour Test Drive gives you the time, mileage, and incentive to discover how this new, eco-friendly sports-utility vehicle complements your lifestyle. Why such a long test? Because a quick run around the block is not enough to discover all of its strengths. You have a dilemma, though. Which version of the vehicle to choose: Plug-in Hybrid or EcoBlue Hybrid?

Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid

The Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid has a 2.5 litre petrol engine, an electric motor, and a 14.4 kWh battery that powers the electric motor. It can be propelled exclusively by the petrol engine, exclusively by the motor, or simultaneously by both – depending which ‘drive mode’ you select. But what does that mean for you? What are these ‘drive modes’ and how can they help you on the road?

‘EV Now’ mode ensures the vehicle is only propelled via its electric motor. In this scenario, it cannot burn through your expensive tank of petrol which saves money. Furthermore, there are no harmful emissions from the tailpipe which minimises the vehicle’s impact on the environment. The maximum range is 35 miles per-charge, which is further than the typical daily commute. 

‘EV Later’ is an alternative mode. The vehicle is now only propelled by its petrol engine so you save battery power for ‘later’. Once in town, perhaps. Unlike an electric car, the engine also ensures you can continue your journey if your battery is flat. 

There is a further option, too. ‘Auto EV’ is best perceived as a combination mode. The vehicle is now propelled by the engine only, the motor only, or both depending on its speed, battery charge etc. 

New Ford Kuga Hybrid 24 Hour Test Drive In July 2020


The Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid battery can be recharged in various ways. ‘EV Charge’ mode lets the engine do it, for example. Furthermore, regenerative braking transfers energy to the battery that would otherwise be wasted as you slow down. Finally, the vehicle can be connected to a charger via a cable and the port in its wing. The Kuga Plug-in Hybrid has further benefits too. Expect:

  • long maximum range - 465 miles
  • high power - 225PS
  • low carbon emissions - 32g/km CO2.

Ford Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid

The Ford Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid is the alternative choice for a 24 Hour Test Drive. This ‘mild hybrid’ sports-utility vehicle has a 2.0 litre diesel engine, a small electric motor, and a 48 volt battery to capture energy that would otherwise be lost while slowing down. However, the motor and battery cannot propel the vehicle single-handed. They simply ‘provide additional power’ to the engine to reduce carbon emissions and optimise fuel efficiency. 


The 2020 Ford Kuga range is available now – and also includes conventional petrol and diesel variants. Prices start from £24,615.

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