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New Mitsubishi i-MiEV here in December

Rechargeable Mitsubishi here soon

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Request a MITSUBISHI test drive

The little Mitsubishi i-MiEV is already on sale in Japan and because Japan is right-hand drive we will get our cars before continental Europeans. They'll get their first cars towards the end of 2010 but UK i MiEVs will be here in December.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV which is pronounced eye-meev is a saloon car which will carry four adults and reach a top speed of 87mph. It can travel up to a hundred miles without needing a recharge

This could now change the image of the electric car as the i-MiEV is the first proper performance four seater electric car from a major manufacturer.

The i-MiEV can not only carry four adults but there is room for approximately 246 litres of luggage. The battery pack which makes the car heavier than its conventional petrol version sits under the floor and the electric motor occupies the space near the rear wheels. Recharging of the battery takes seven hours via a conventional plug or up to eighty percent in twenty minutes via a unit that Mitsubishi intends to lease with the car.

Mitsubishi says a hundred miles will cost 45p of electricity and zero road tax. Prices should come down as production increases but customers will probably be expected to pay at least £15-£20,000 by 2011.