New Peugeot Suv Range Overview for 2018

Peugeot 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV and New 5008 SUV purpose, key strengths and prices revealed

Shared qualities

Peugeot produce a small, medium size, and large sports-utility vehicle that all share robust styling, a high equipment specification and fashionable badge. Each has grip control, too. Its purpose is to optimise the response of a range of systems to keep you moving on extreme terrain. Choose snow mode, for instance.

Peugeot 2008 SUV

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The 2008 SUV is the small, sports-utility class, vehicle that encompasses “empathetic style”, the manufacturer claimed. Its purpose is excel in the competitive, urban, jungle where space is limited and time is short. It, therefore, has features that make it easy to manoeuvre so you can relax, feel confident, and enjoy life.

Note park assist, for example. It scans for a suitable bay then steers automatically into it. You simply control the throttle, transmission and brakes. It complements the reserving camera, parking sensors and good visibility. Other characteristics include:

  • Dimensions: 4,159mm long by 2,004mm wide (including mirrors)
  • Boot: 410-litres
  • Power: 82hp to 130hp
  • Price: £16,495 to £22,325

Peugeot 3008 SUV

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The 3008 SUV is the medium size, sports-utility, vehicle that combines “strength and character”, its manufacturer suggested. Its purpose is to be a practical, versatile, workhorse so it has features that make it easy to pack whatever you need for your family adventures. For cycling in remote beauty spots, for example.

Strengths include the front passenger seat that folds flat so long items can stretch from the boot to the dashboard. This complements the powered tailgate, multi-level boot floor that separates cargo and rear seats that fold via quick release levers in the boot. Various storage compartments facilitate, too. Other traits include:

  • Dimensions: 4,447mm long by 2,098mm wide (including mirrors)
  • Boot: 591-litres
  • Power: 99hp to 177hp
  • Price: £22,765 to £34,165

New Peugeot 5008 SUV

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The 5008 SUV is the large, sports-utility, vehicle that “surprises and delights” its manufacturer said. Its purpose is to carry 7 people so extended family, friends, or neighbours can join you for merry jaunts. However, unlike some of the competitors it has qualities that ensure everybody is comfortable - wherever they sit.

Every seat is individual, for instance. Furthermore, the middle seats slide forward/back, tilt and complement tray tables and blinds. The third row emerge from the floor of the boot as required, can be removed to increase cargo capacity and sit alongside an armrest and cup holder. Other characteristics include:

  • Dimensions: 4,641mm long by 2,098mm wide (including mirrors)
  • Boot: 952-litres (with third row of seats folded)
  • Power: 99hp to 177hp
  • Price: £25,015 to £36,415