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Safety fears over budget tyres

Far Eastern tyres can affect yours cars safety

A recent test has shown the serious effect that cheap tyres can have on a cars performance and safety.

Imported tyres from China and Taiwan currently account for one fifth of all tyres sold in the UK. The tyres have passed the minimum ECE R30 high speed test but there are no statutory tests for braking, handling or aquaplaning performance.

Five budget tyres made in he Far East were tested for wet handling and braking, dry handling and braking, aquaplaning and a more stringent high speed test against a tyre made by German firm Continental on VW Golf. The Linglong tyre performed the worst and was still travelling at 27.8 mph at the point when the Continental equipped Golf had stopped.

It was thought that the bargain tyres would fall short of the Continental but it was not expected that they would be so poor.

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