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Saving Fuel and Saving Money

Some simple tips to help with cost efficient driving.

Crude oil values have dropped recently, but fuel prices remain ferociously high – mostly due to government taxation. According to, the average price for unleaded fuel is 87.1 pence per litre, and diesel costs 99 pence per litre. So, how can motorists minimise their expenditure?

Start by paying less. Prices vary considerably between garages, even within the same franchise in the same area. Therefore, shop around. Saving pennies per litre earns dividends over time. Stage two is minimise usage. Driving smoothly reduces consumption and lowers emissions. Try to maintain a consistent speed, keep engine revolutions low, and minimise hard acceleration and braking.

Regular servicing, properly inflated tyres, and clean filters also help optimise performance. However, certain factors guzzle gas. Roof boxes and open windows increase drag – and therefore consumption. The air conditioner also burns fuel, as does unnecessary weight. So, leave the dumbbells at home. Conserving fuel need not become your life work, but taking care will save you money.
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