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Spare Part Shortage

Motorists find themselves stranded without spare parts

Obtaining spare parts to put vehicles back on the road is proving increasingly difficult; with more car dealerships closing the problem is expected to get worse in 2009. With new car sales fallen to the lowest level for years and motorists keeping their existing car for longer there will be an increased need for repair parts. It has been predicted that approximately 1700 of the 5200 car dealerships in the UK could close this year, this will leave motorists and garage repair trade without local access to the spare parts needed when repairing vehicles. Frustrated motorist Chris Woodhall needed a drive shaft and brakes for his Rover 600. Mr Woodhall said, “My car was off the road for two weeks waiting for the garage to find the parts to repair my vehicle. I went online myself and found what I needed and had them sent straight to the garage. If I had not found the parts myself, I’m sure my car would still be on ramps in the garage now.” It is reported that there is a surge in car parts ordered online from both garages and motorists. Car Parts Direct claims to supply one of the largest ranges of car parts in the UK with around 60,000 car parts available online. If the part required is not shown on their website visitors can fill out an online enquiry and one of a team of car parts specialists guarantees to respond within the day.
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