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Superfuels a waste of money

Report by consumer watchdogs says expensive superfuels are a waste of money

Fuel companies have claimed that superfuels save you money, improve the cars performance and save the environment, but a report out today concludes that there is little justification using them. Experts tested three of the most popular superfuels, Shell V Power, Tesco Super unleaded and BP Ultimate Diesel against standard fuels. The results found that a Ford Focus 1.6 running on Shell V-Power had a marginal power increase and that Tesco Super Unleaded actually decreased the power of the Focus though economy did improve by 1.2 percent. A Renault Megane 1.5 diesel’s economy and performance were both slightly worse using BP Ultimate diesel.

The report concluded that each superfuel had only a marginal effect on the emissions of measured pollutants and to cut car emission’s it is better to drive less and more economically. It seems there is no evidence to show that superfuels are better for your car and in today’s credit crunch with high fuel prices to pay, would anyone choose to pay more.

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