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Some interesting web links

It seems that with the huge amount of sport that is on the telly at the moment a lot of our favourite programmes are being muscled out of the way to make way for the likes of rugby, Formula One or even running. If you’re not a sport fan the chances are that you have retreated to your PC at some stage and spent a few hours browsing the internet. The fact that you are a subscriber to this newsletter lets me know that you like all things car related, so in that case, if you fancy watching some great auto related videos you could do far worse than have a peek over at TimesOnline TV, where you can find some very interesting short films that might interest you.

From a feature on cars that park themselves, through a very interesting travelogue regarding my adventures (ahem!) on the Beaujolais Run and a great feature in which a Lamborghini LP640 goes head to head with an Audi A8 in a battle of the supercars, there is something for everyone. The films stream and play in your browser, so hopefully there is no software to download. Have a look over there and let me know what you think!

We’ve got some great deals on the Deal Exchange ( this week—make sure you click on the link and have a look—the deals are changing all the time so you have to be quick. Seems everyone is looking for small saloons and MPV’s at the moment—with the price of petrol going up the chances are that economy is going to be the precedent when selecting a new car.

I know I’ve mentioned this site a few time, but make sure you visit PetrolPrices.Com before you next fill up—by typing in your postcode this great site will tell you where the cheapest fuel is in your area—a brilliant site, and it’s free! How about that—free TV and cheap fuel!

Happy motoring and viewing!

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