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Toyota Auris

The new full hybrid offering from Toyota

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Request a TOYOTA AURIS test drive

Toyota has released more details of the new Toyota Auris, which will be Toyota’s first European hybrid that is based on a regular production car when it goes on sale in 2010.

When I first looked at the Toyota Auris I must say I was rather confused, as it has a 1.8 Toyota synergy engine, 5 doors and well is made by Toyota, but they already have the Prius?

Toyota have improved the front end of the Toyota Auris and made the car more aerodynamic, while ensuring the new model has all the blue stickers to draw attention to the rest of the road users that you are in fact saving their grandchildren with your eco friendly method of transport.

Further technological improvements have been made on the Toyota Auris after first being conceived on the celebrity tree hugger car of choice the Toyota Prius. With solar panels covering the roof and dashboard top, energising the digital displays in the cabin. In the future Toyota hopes to improve this technology to a point when the solar panels actually charge the hybrid battery.

Although I doubt the purchaser of a Toyota Auris will be too concerned by performance, at 97bhp, the car will ease you up to 62mph from a standing start in 10seconds, while potentially sending out carbon dioxide emissions of less than 100g/km.

This is further news of Toyota’s fantastic approach to innovation and car technology, and it must be said the company has taken on a global conscience rivalled by few. Although the Toyota Auris is not going to knock anyone’s socks off it is a big step in a direction which will enable us to massively reduce emissions on our mid week urban jaunts so we can enjoy the thrill of petrol when we want to go for a proper drive.

See more after the Frankfurt Motorshow, and look forward to seeing the Toyota Auris in production in 2010.