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Volvo to have four XC models by 2010

Volvo XC90 XC70 joined by XC60 and new C30 coupe based 4 x 4

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Volvo is planning to revise it's model range and introduce two new compact 4 x 4 models. The XC60 will debut at the Geneva motor show shares many similarities with the Ford version. Aimed at the VW Tiguan, Toyota Rav4 and Hyundai Santa Fe, it is joining a very crowded market. The newly launched Nissan Qashqai has been a huge success in the same niche, but with price starting from £13690- it is a much less expensive proposition. Volvo seem to have been benchmarking themselves against BMW in pricing terms, without quite having the brand appeal. So a £20000 plus compact 4 x 4 will not set many pulses racing, pretty as the XC60 is.