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Window Shopping for New Cars

Auto Trader revealed that during the last 3 months, 4,157,092 individual searches have been made via their website for BMW 3 series models

I`ve never really been one for window shopping, wandering the streets on a Saturday afternoon, gazing at items you don`t need or can`t afford. My shopping tends to be fast and focused. Of course it can have its down sides, my wardrobe is bland, all my socks are black and my hair style seems locked into the 1980`s but I can sacrifice fashion for expedience.

At least that`s what I thought. Stopping off to get some fuel I picked up a copy of my usual motoring magazine. As I paid for the fuel and magazine the cashier smiled and said ‘doing your home work eh?`

He`d recognised me off the TV or from the paper and I guess it is amusing to see a so called ‘expert` boning up on a subject that they are reportedly meant to know everything about.

It made me think, I do spend a huge amount of time reading, watching and talking about cars. I will also happily flick through pages of classified car adverts just looking at what is for sale and with the internet I can even do it online, for hours.

Now if you think this is all sounding a bit sad then let me say that I am not alone. A report out this week by Auto Trader revealed that during the last 3 months there had been 4,157,092 individual searches made via their website for BMW 3 series models. On the basis that there a lot less than 4 million used BMW 3-series in the UK and even less people who actually want one, then this can only mean one thing. There`s an awful lot of car ‘Window shoppers`.

In truth despite the fact that I do not have the patience to spend more than 3 minutes choosing a smart jacket or 10 minutes being measured for a suit but I can always find the time to compare the price of a 1996 BMW 540i with a 1999 Audi A6 and a 2001 Ford Mondeo. The fact I`m not buying doesn`t diminish the drama or in my opinion the necessity for such searches, after all its just good fun.

Happy motoring


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