Arnold Schwarzenegger Presents An Electric G-Wagon

Arnie explores Kreisel Electric’s re-designed G Class.

The Mercedes G-Wagon has been transformed from one of the least environmentally friendly cars on the road to one of the most, thanks to tech firm Kreisel.


The G-Wagon originally hosted a 3.0litre V6 turbo diesel engine, but that’s been given the boot and replaced by several electric motors with an output of 360 kilowatts. In car terms, that’s just under 500 horsepower, meaning this new Electric-G can do the 0-60mph run in just 5.6 seconds and go on to a top speed of 113mph.

Arnold stated: “This amazing off-road vehicle as a clean and fast electric car? A dream has become real!”

Arnold will continue to be involved with the development of this project and will be testing the prototype on the streets of Los Angeles.

The electrified Mercedes is said to offer a ‘realistic’ electric range of 300 kilometres on a single charge. On the subject of charging, a fast charger will give the big Merc 80% of its full capacity after just 25 minutes of charging.