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New Kia Picanto for a tenner a week

Fantastic package offered by Kia

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Request a KIA PICANTO test drive
A tempting offer has been put together by Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. Motorists looking to make the most of the scrappage deal could purchase a brand new Kia Picanto form their Kia retailer for ten pounds a week. The scrappage scheme brings the price down from £6195 to an exceptional £4195.

This package is available as Kia will also contribute £1000 towards the cost of a new car to anyone who trades in a vehicle that is ten years old or more and if a customer is prepared to pay a £1000 deposit they can drive away a new Kia Picanto for less than £40 per month thanks to the Kia Access finance package. If a customer is not able to give £1000 deposit the Picanto is still available at £20 a week which is still a fantastic deal.

The Picanto will be one of the most affordable cars on offer in the UK. Paul Philpott managing director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd said "Kia is fully committed itself and its dealer network to giving budget conscious motorists the change to enjoy technology for the lowest possible price, we know our products have great appeal thanks to the efficient and economical engines and our collection of unbeatable warranties."

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